Northland Farms Sales & Office Staff Information

Northland Farms Profile and Office/Sales People Contact Information

Key Services

Weekly Shipments to Midwest Markets

In an effort to provide fresh product throughout the selling season (and for those with limited storage room), Northland helps by making weekly ordering easy. In the Spring and most of the Summer we offer weekly shipments to most Midwest Markets- just place an order by Monday and you can have shipment by Friday or Saturday! Minimum order rules will still apply.

Plant brands we offer:brands

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Great Plants of the Great Lakes Pots & Tree Sleeves

These printed pots dress up the plants, making them stand out.  The tree sleeves look nice on the trees, help to instantly distinguish fruit vs shade vs ornamental trees, and also protect the trunks from damage during shipment.

Picture Tags & Retail Tagging

For all our orders (unless you request not to have tags), we ship plants with picture tags.  As an added service, we also can put stickers (they go on the reverse side of the tag) that have the name of your garden center as well as a UPC and  a retail price based on a formula that you provide to us.  There is a small cost per plant for this service, see your sales representative for details. This way plants are ready to sell right off the truck!

About Northland Farms:

  • Started in the 1960's, incorporated under new ownership in 2002
  • Employs 100 during peak season
  • We have 250 acres of production in Michigan and another 75 acres in production in Oklahoma
  • All product is shipped out of our Michigan facility
  • We grow selected crops at our farm in Oklahoma to take advantage of the warmer climate. Once finished, these items are then brought back to our farm in Michigan, climatized, and shipped out to our customers
  • Our Western Michigan location is advantageous for several reasons: the climate close the lakeshore is more temperate and the snow cover we receive in the winter helps to protect plant material from cold harsh temperatures, and we are positioned close to several major markets-making shipping logistics workable.
  • Another advantage of our northern location is our ability to hold the plants dormant in the spring. This helps in managing the product through the early season potential for frost. Product shipped from southern growers is not as hardy as Michigan climatized material.
  • We service the upper midwest states, including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin
  • 85% of our product is shipped within 300 miles of our West Olive location
  • We offer a very diverse mix of product consisting of evergreens, broadleaf evergreeens, flowering shrubs, shade and ornamental trees, fruit trees, small fruits, roses, ground covers, and perennials

Office Staff

We're available 8:00AM-4:30PM M-F (During the Spring, we may be here later than 4:30).   Feel free to give us a call about an existing order, to place an order, retail tagging, billing, or shipping.

Meet the Sales Team...

Sales Manager-Greg

Greg Helsen-Sales Mgr.

Areas Covered: Michigan- Western Lower Peninsula and Eastern Upper Peninsula.

Office Extension: 3770

Mobile: 616-540-4143


Jack-In House Sales

Jack DeHoag- In House Sales

Areas Covered: In-House as well as Kansas, Missouri and Western Iowa.

Office Extension: 3767

Mobile: 616-402-9309


Al Garter- Sales

Al Garter- Sales

Areas Covered: Some of Northern Indiana.


Mobile: 616-402-9425


Dave Woday- Sales

Dave Woday- Sales

Areas Covered: Michigan- Eastern Lower Peninsula, Eastern Iowa, Western & Southeast Wisconsin, NE Indiana

Office Extension: 3768

Mobile: 616-402-2987


Brian- Sales

Brian Boyink- Sales

Areas Covered: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio

Office Extension: 3769

Mobile: 616-638-0786


Abby Maat- In House Sales

Abby Maat- Inventory Manager


Office Extension: 3771



Karen Franco - Data Entry/HR Assistant/In House Sales

Area Covered: Local

Office Extension: 3764


Heather - Sales

Heather Peacock- In House Sales

Area Covered: Local, Ohio

Office Extension: 3763


Chris - Sales

Chris Bohn- Traffic Manager/In House Sales

Areas Covered: Michigan- Western Upper Peninsula, Northeast Wisconsin.

Office Extension: 3762

Mobile: 231-288-8687